Friday, April 3, 2009

Behind the Scenes - Ophelia Shoot Jan 09

On a cool summer's day back in Jan, we embarked on an Ophelia inspired photoshoot. The lovely Melissa was modeling, Loran was doing hair and makeup, and the every faithful Adam was there to help out.

Loran working her magic with makeup

Missy practices playing dead whilst getting her hair done. (It must be mentioned that Loran did lovely braids in her hair. They all fell out once she got in the water...)

Missy (Melissa) knew the shoot was a water one, and that she'd have to float. It wasn't until she stepped into the water however that she told me she didn't know how to swim (or float for that matter). That's when we had to bring out the floaties.

Below is a picture demonstrating how we kept her from drowning.

The team (complete with my dog, Pippin, who provided her lifeguard skills). Photo by Missy, who is a brilliant photographer. Please visit her myspace and add her as a friend to see her amazing pictures.

The results!

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  1. these photos are amazing, the color is perfect


  2. They are amazing. I love their softness and I love the DOF.

  3. haha behind the scenes are always so much fun to look at :)